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Crocus Pages by Tony Goode
Species Crocus species

Crocus paschei

Flowering Time



Turkey (E Taurus mountains)

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Light woodland, shrubland and adjacent fields

Distinctive Features

Flowers shades of lilac, exterior of outer petals silvery of buff coloured.   Corm tunic membranous splitting at base

Closest Relatives

Crocus adanensis

Cultivation Requirements

Cool moist growing season.   Dryish but not arid summer rest


Specialist seed lists

Distinguished by its a yellow throat from Crocus adanensis which has a white throat.*

*It seems possible that these very similar species have already become muddled in cultivation although only relatively recently described.   It is also possible that a future revision of   the genus will recognise a closer link than that of the current taxonomic situation.

Crocus paschei