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Crocus michelsonii

Flowering Time



Turkmenistan; Iran

Native Climate

Cold winter, cool drier summer

Wild Habitat

Open stony slopes and in thin scrub

Distinctive Features

Whitish flower heavily marked with lilac blue on the outside of the petals.   Corm tunic netted fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus alatavicus; Crocus korolkowii

Cultivation Requirements

? Cool dryish summer rest.


Rarely available although seed is sometimes offered in specialist lists*

*I have found seed impossible to germinate despite several attempts.   This is not at all typical for Crocus species - most are easily raised from seed, which germinates usually readily.   If you know the secret of successful germination, please let me know so that I can pass it on!   (The seedling corms illustrated below were a gift from a friend.)

Crocus michelsonii

Crocus michelsonii

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Link here to John Lonsdales Crocus Gallery

Crocus michelsonii

Seedling corms

Crocus michelsonii

Picture Dr Jean Yves Tronel

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