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Crocus mathewii

Flowering Time



S Turkey (Restricted to few locations in Taurus Mtns)

Native Climate

Mediterranean (Long dry summer)

Wild Habitat

Dry mountain slopes 400-1100m

Distinctive Features

Whitish flowers with dark purple zone in the throat. Corm tunic parallel fibres

Closest Relatives

Crocus asumaniae

Cultivation Requirements

This species requires a warm dry summer rest


Specialist bulb suppliers* and seed lists.

Only described in 1994, this is one of a number of recently discovered taxa.   Excursions in the mountains of Turkey, notably by Helmut Kerndorff and Erich Pasche, have revealed plants previously unknown in cultivation.   In the case of Crocus mathewii (named in honour of Crocus guru Brian Mathew), there is some debate about the distinctions between this species and Crocus asumaniae.   However, the two plants do occupy different habitats and have no overlap in their distribution.

*If this plant is offered as corms check that these are seed raised.   This plant may be threatened in the wild so the offering of corms from unspecified source must be considered dubious (at the very least).

Crocus mathewii

Crocus mathewii

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