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Crocus longiflorus

Flowering Time



SW Italy; Malta; Sicily

Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Stony places in dryish grassland, usually over limestone at up to 1900m

Distinctive Features

Flower lilac/purple.   Style three orange/red branches Corm tunic fibrous, somewhat netted.   Strong honey scent

Closest Relatives

Crocus medius; Crocus nudiflorus

Cultivation Requirements

Sunny position. Tolerant of some summer moisture (Can be grown successfully outside in UK gardens)


Specialist bulb suppliers and seed lists

A very attractive flower, which attracts many pollinators as a result of its strong scent.   Seed is readily set in cultivation and is a good method for raising new corms.   A variable plant with flowers usually shades of lilac but occasionally white, petals can be attractively marked or plain coloured.   The throat is golden yellow and the red style branches are a striking feature.   Several different forms are illustrated below.

Crocus longiflorus

Crocus longiflorus

Crocus longiflorus

Crocus longiflorus

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