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Crocus Pages by Tony Goode
Species Crocus species

Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus

Flowering Time




Native Climate

Alpine / Subalpine

Wild Habitat

Rocky slopes, mountain turf at high altitudes

Distinctive Features

Lilac flower, white anthers.   Thin membranous corm tunic. Corm oriented on its side in soil

Closest Relatives

Crocus kotschyanus kotschyanus;

Crocus kotschyanus hakkariensis;

Crocus kotschyanus suworowianus;

Cultivation Requirements

Cool moist conditions suitable, dryish summer rest



A very distinctive flower and almost unique in the corms being oriented 'on their side' in nature.   (See below)

Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus

Crocus kotschyanus cappadocicus