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Crocus danfordiae

Flowering Time



Central and Southern Turkey

Native Climate

Summer dry montane with some Mediterranean influences.  

Wild Habitat

Rocky slopes and in scrub or thin pinewoods

Distinctive Features

Small, very pale flowers.   (White, pale yellow or pale blue).   Coriaceous corm tunic with basal rings

Closest Relatives

Crocus biflorus;   Crocus chrysanthus

Cultivation Requirements

Warm, dry summer rest ideal.   Best with winter protection as its flowers are small and delicate


Specialist bulb suppliers

A member of series Biflori, sharing very similar corm tunics.   This is probably the smallest flowered species. The flower petals are usually between 1 and 1.5cm long.   It is also distinctive in having very pale coloured flowers.

Crocus danfordiae C. danfordiae corm

Crocus danfordiae

Crocus danfordiae

Crocus danfordiae This blue form of Crocus danfordiae fits the description of a new species (Crocus minutus) described in July 2011.  It has dark markings at the base of the anthers and a white style.  these are the features used to separate Crocus minutus from Crocus danfordiae.  

In my view this is a very fine distinction.  Some taxonomists would consider these features as being within the natural variation of a species.

Crocus danfordiae

Crocus danfordiae

Crocus danfordiae >

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