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Crocus cvijicii

Flowering Time



Serbia; Albania; Macedonia; N Greece

Native Climate

Subalpine.   Cold snowy winter, short warm summer

Wild Habitat

Mountain meadows over limestone

Distinctive Features

Yellow flowers just as leaves emerge. Petals often quite narrow near the base giving the throat of the flower an unusually 'open' appearance. Rather flattened corm has thin fibres, somewhat netted

Closest Relatives

Crocus veluchensis

Cultivation Requirements

Cool winter, plenty moisture when plant is in active growth in spring.   Cool dryer summer but not completely dried out


Sometimes available from specialist seed/bulb suppliers

Quite distinctive and attractive early spring flowering species.   From a mountain habitat so less amenable to cultivation in lowland gardens but not difficult where the correct conditions can be provided.   The name may be pronounced schveeyeech-e-e (or as E A Bowles suggested you might imitate a sneeze or play it on the violin!)

The most obvious difference between this and the closely related Crocus veluchensis is flower colour.   The distribution of this species is almost entirely within that of Crocus veluchensis but there are no records of them occurring in mixed populations.

Crocus cvijicii

Crocus cvijicii

Crocus cvijicii

Crocus cvijicii

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