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Crocus corsicus

Flowering Time




Native Climate


Wild Habitat

Rocky hillsides, in scrub

Distinctive Features

Bright lilac flowers with creamy yellowish outer petals veined or feathered with purple.   Red style branches

Closest Relatives

Crocus minimus

Cultivation Requirements

Cool moist winter, warm dryish summer. (Will grow in southern UK gardens, given well drained soil)


Widely offered by specialist bulb suppliers

Very attractive and straightforward plant with the added bonus of a honey scent (in at least one widely cultivated clone).   Closely related to Crocus minimus which often has a much larger purple stain on the outer petals and petals of a slightly different shape.  

The form available in commerce in the UK is a clone which increases well and is tolerant of garden conditions in the drier southern parts of the UK.

Crocus corsicus

Crocus corsicus

Crocus corsicus Some of the variation in seen in wild populations.

Crocus corsicus Fibrous corm tunics, finely reticulated (netted) near the base.

Crocus corsicus A form raised from wild collected seed

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