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Crocus chrysanthus

Flowering Time



Albania and Greece East through Macedonia, Bulgaria and Turkey

Native Climate

Mediterranean with montane influences

Wild Habitat

Short grassland, scrub and thin woods

Distinctive Features

Yellow flower sometimes marked with bronze/purple. Membranous or coriaceous corm tunic

Closest Relatives

Crocus biflorus group

Cultivation Requirements

Winter wet, summer dry


Specialist bulb suppliers, seed lists

Small bright yellow flowers in spring are very attractive.   Closely related to Crocus biflorus, it might almost be considered as a yellow variant of that mostly blue/lilac flowered species group.   Very variable, it commonly occupies drier habitats than Crocus biflorus although the two do occasionally overlap and where this happens intermediate hybrids have been encountered.   These hybrids have been given the name Crocus x bornmuelleri, variable, they can be very attractive.

Along with crocus biflorus this species provides many of the so-called 'species' crocus that are widely (and cheaply) available in general commerce.   Some of these plants are of hybrid origin.

Crocus chrysanthus

Crocus chrysanthus

Crocus chrysanthus

Crocus chrysanthus

Crocus chrysanthus

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  • Leaves
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