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Crocus biflorus biflorus

Flowering Time



Italy; Sicily; Rhodes; N W Turkey

Native Climate

Cool winter, warm summer

Wild Habitat

Grassy places, usually over limestone

Distinctive Features

Long leaves at flowering, striped flowers with a yellow throat.   Coriaceous tunic with basal rings

Closest Relatives

Other subspecies of Crocus biflorus

Cultivation Requirements

Well drained soil, preferably alkaline.Sun


Widely available from specialist bulb suppliers

A very variable subspecies which in some eyes blends into several of the other biflorus subspecies.   Certainly the biflorus group present the taxonomists with the greatest challenge in the genus.   A variety of fine botanical distinctions are used along with the geographical distribution to determine the different subspecies.   (A future revision of the site may include these fine details but they are beyond the objectives of the current version).

Crocus biflorus biflorus

Crocus biflorus biflorus

Crocus biflorus biflorus

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