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Crocus banaticus

Flowering Time

Early Autumn


Romania (and some adjacent regions)

Native Climate

Cool and damp summer and winter

Wild Habitat

Meadows and deciduous woodland

Distinctive Features

Three inner petals very much smaller than outers

Closest Relatives

In a class of its own!   (and a subgenus of its own)

Cultivation Requirements

Cool, well drained but permanently moist site/soil


Widely available from specialist nurseries

A very distinctive plant, with a flower whose outer petals can reflex (fold back) leading some early botanists to call the plant Crocus 'iridiflorus'.   A straightforward garden plant in northern temperate gardens, it is not difficult to raise from seed.

Crocus banaticus

Crocus banaticus

Crocus banaticus

Crocus banaticus

Crocus banaticus seed - actual size of seed c2mm diameter

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