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Crocus Pages by Tony Goode
Species Crocus species

Crocus ancyrensis

Flowering Time

Early spring


C and N Turkey

Native Climate

Cold, snowy winter.   Warm dryish summer

Wild Habitat

Rocky places, mountain scrub

Distinctive Features

Orange/yellow unmarked flowers, reticulate corm tunic

Closest Relatives

Crocus reticulatus; Crocus angustifolius

Cultivation Requirements

Dry summer rest, prefers alkaline soil


Cultivar 'Golden Bunch' cheaply available in Trade

Crocus ancyrensis

Crocus ancyrensis is widely available in commerce.

Seen here as the cultivar 'Golden Bunch' it has the  

unfortunate habit of producing its flowers in

midwinter (in the UK).   The low light levels at this time

lead the flower to lax development.   (ie It soon falls


Crocus ancyrensis

Crocus ancyrensis - netted corm tunics