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Website Development

You may have noticed that there have been a number of changes to the Website.

No frames

The previous version of the site used frames - there was a framework of three separate web pages at the top and the two sides of your browser, with a fourth page containing the variable content in the middle. For various reasons, this is a technology that is going out of fashion and we have restructured the site so that it no longer uses frames. You should not see much difference, but it enables a more flexible structure for the site. It also makes it easier to link to internal pages in the site without occasionally losing the surrounding framework.

Membersí On-line Discussion

This was planned a long time ago before the firm that created the original website went out of business. This is the Membersí chance to make their contributions to the website. You can upload comments and pictures under various headings in the widely used style of a discussion forum. Anyone can read these pages, but in order to contribute, you will need a User ID and password. As an interim measure, you can email us via the Contact Us page of the website and request a userID and password. Eventually this process will be automated so that members can obtain their userID and password online.

As you will see by looking at the Membersí On-line Discussion pages, there is not much in there yet, but hopefully that will change as you, the Members, start to make contributions.


As mentioned above, before you can make a contribution to the discussion, you will need to login using the user ID and password when you have been given one. However this is not necessary if you only want to read what other people have uploaded and look at their pictures.

Jim McGregor
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