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The AGS Expedition to China 1994 - Anniversary

The impact of ACE - The AGS Expedition to China 1994
Primula henrici The 15th anniversary of the completion of ACE occurs in October this year. The Expedition was described in detail in the Bulletin (1996 64 122 - 266). Many members obtained seed from the AGS Seed Exchange and through subscription.  The initial results were outstanding with a very high percentage of the seed collections germinating  . It would be very interesting to hear from members which collections are still surviving and which have made a special impact in gardens or on the show bench.  The Expedition members are holding a reunion in late November and any comments in good time for their meeting would be much appreciated.

Picture: Primula bracteata ACE 1671 (still in cultivation)

You can make your comments on the ACE anniversary discussion page

Clive Boyce
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