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Photographic Competition Winners 2017


The annual Photographic Competition attracted its highest number of entries ever in 2017. We received a record 336 entries and the standard was incredibly high across all eight classes. The judges certainly had their work cut out selecting the winners! 

The first, second and third places in each class are awarded prize money. The overall winners of each class also receive prize points towards AGS Artistic Medals. (This is a great opportunity for our overseas members to win an AGS medal, as they're unable to bring plants to our shows.)

The first place entries of each class are featured below.



Class 1: An alpine plant in its natural habitat with both plant(s) and landscape featured.


Karen Gregory photographic competition 2017 *Overall 2017 Photographic Competition winner*

Photographer:   Karen Gregory, London, UK.

Subject:    Pulsatilla alpina subsp. apifolia

Location:   Sella Pass, Dolomites, Italy (June 2016) 

Camera:    Nikon D60 (DSLR) 









Class 2: A portrait of an alpine plant in its natural habitat, featuring the entire plant as the main subject.


Class 2 photographic competition winner 2017 Photographer:  Arne Jakobsen, Støren, Norway 

Subject:    Saxifraga porophylla

Location:  Abruzzo, Italy (May 2012)

Camera:    Nikon D700 (DSLR)













Class 3: A close-up or detail of an alpine plant in its natural habitat or in cultivation. 


Class three winner photographic competition 2017

Photographer: Zeng Gang, Sichuan Alpine Ecology Study Centre, China

Subject:     Meconopsis punicea

Location:   Balangshan, Sichuan Province, China (June 2017) 

Camera:     Nikon D810



Class 4: An alpine plant in cultivation in a garden setting. 


Gentiana class 4 winner photographic competition 2

Photographer:   Martin & Anna-Liisa Sheader, Southampton, UK

Subject:    Gentian sp.

Location:  Jiri Papousek's garden, Czech Republic (May 2017) 

Camera:    Canon EOS 5D Mark III (DSLR)



Class 5: An alpine garden or part of a garden showing features used to grow alpine plants. 


Class 5 photographic competition 2017

Photographer:  Hilary Birks, Bjørndalstrae, Norway

Subject:    Tall-herb alpine bed

Location:  Own garden, Bjørndalstrae, Norway (June 2017)

Camera:    Nikon CoolPix A900 (compact)



Class 6: Alpine fauna in the wild, either in the landscape or in association with plants. 


Class 6 photographic competition 2017

Photographer:  Arne Jakobsen, Støren, Norway

Subject:     Life and death on a Scrophularia

Location:   Abruzzo, Italy (May 2012)

Camera:     Nikon D700 (DSLR)



Class 7: An alpine landscape not necessarily showing specific plants but concentrating on the scenic beauty and/or geology of the setting.


Class 7 photographic competition 2017

Photographer:   Harry Jans, Loenen, Netherlands.

Subject:    Huanglong Temple at 3,550m

Location:  Sichuan, China (October 2010)

Camera:    Nikon D90 (DSLR) 



Class 8: A quirky, amusing or unusual image featuring alpine plants. (Digital manipulation permitted.) 


Class 8 photographic competition 2017 Photographer: Hilary Birks, Bjørndalstrae, Norway

Subject: Imprisoned thistle flower (Schmalhausenia nidulans

Location: Almaty Observatory, Kazakhstan (June 2008)

Camera: Sony Cyber-shot DSC-T100 (compact)





In time, all 336 entries will be added to our online image gallery.

Entries are now open for our 2018 Photographic Competition, so be on the lookout for photo opportunities! 

The prizes are: 

First :     £40 + 5 points towards AGS Medals 
Second: £20
Third:     £10 

The overall competition winner receives a bonus prize of £40.

The deadline is 1 December 2018.

See the rules for entry here.


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