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New website and new branding - coming soon

Journal Cover September 2018 As you’ll be aware, there are some changes on the horizon for the Society. In addition to a new brand image and logo, we’ll be launching our new website within the next few weeks. As a member, we wanted to explain to you more about these changes. To do this, we are going to answer some of the most common questions you may have.


Why do things need to change?

The short answer is that we need to adapt to stay relevant. Like you, we want the Society to continue to thrive well into the future. To make this happen we need to broaden our appeal and give more people a chance to discover us, engage with us and go on to develop a love of alpine gardening. Part of how we do this is through our visual identity and part of it is how we talk to people through the website.

What kind of changes might I notice?
As well as the more obvious change to our visual identity, you might notice some changes to how we write on our website. This will be most visible in the more prominent public areas of the site. We want the website to be as accessible to as many as people as possible. This means we need to communicate clearly and concisely. In this way we help more people understand who we are and what we do. In order to do this, we have engaged specialists who have helped us build the new site. Finally, you should notice that the site is much easier to navigate and use.


Does this mean 'dumbing down'?
Absolutely not. The reason we exist is to champion the knowledge and passion of our members. The Alpine Gardener will remain as it is and there will be areas on the site aimed at the experienced horticulturist, such as our online encyclopaedia that we are continuing to expand. All content on the website will be fact checked and be expected to meet the highest of editorial standards.


What if I still feel unhappy about it?
We understand that the changes will not be for everyone. If you are still unhappy, we would invite you to think back to how your love for alpine gardening began. Was it a chance conversation? A friend or relative showing you how to get started? However it happened, it was that experience that went on to enrich your life. As times change, we want to use our website as a way to do this for as many people as possible. In this way we can create the next generation of alpine gardeners.


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