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Autumn Conference Roundup
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Autumn Conference Roundup

'Gardening with Alpines'

Another very successful Autumn Conference took place after our AGM last weekend. We had an excellent series of lectures on the theme of 'Gardening with Alpines'.  Everyone appeared to enjoy themselves and had a great time both listening to the lectures and of course socializing with friends.  Some of the feedback from delegates includes

"best yet"

"brilliant talks, enjoyed them all enormously"

"had a great time!"

AGM 2016 The conference was well attended with about 120 delegates. Among them were a group of young horticulturalists from around the country who had been given supported conference places by the AGS.

'Exploring the New World Steppes for New Garden Worthy Species'
Mike Kintgen The E B Anderson Lecture at the end of the AGM, which was open to all members, was given by Mike Kintgen from Denver Botanic Gardens. He is of course one of the authors of the recent book on the plants of steppe areas. He explored the many choice plants growing in the steppe areas near his home in Denver, and in South America, that might be garden worthy. (As part of the conference proper, he gave a second talk on steppe plants that had already been introduced into cultivation )

'Living the Dream at Royal Botanic Gardens Edinburgh'
John Mitchell John Mitchell, Curator of Alpines at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens, gave us a lively and entertaining history of Alpines and of his career at the Edinburgh Botanic Gardens.

'Alpines in Romania'
Razvan Chisu Razvan Chisu will be leading the first tour to Romania that has been organised by the AGS. He took us on a pictorial tour of the mountains that will be visited and some of the plants that will be seen.

'High Trees Diary: ten years of Alpine blogging'
John Richards Regular visitors to this website will be familiar with John Richards' Garden Diary which he has kept regularly for over ten years now.

John took the conference through some of the material he had posted in his blog over the years, and in the process gave us many interesting insights into the plants he grows and how he grows them.

'Confessions of a Tufa Addict'
Steve Furness Steve Furness, always an entertaining speaker, told us about his lifetime fascination with Tufa. We saw many different ways of using it in the garden as well as the range of plants that can be grown successfully in it.

'Great Garden Plants from the Worlds Steppes'
Mike Kintgen Another excellent talk from Mike Kintgen showing us many plants from steppe regions growing in his own garden and in Denver Botanic Garden.

'Cambridge Botanic Garden'
Simon Wallis Simon Wallis gave us a brief overview of the history of Cambridge Botanic Garden as well as a look at the plants grown by the Alpine Section.

Plant Propagation
Brian Burrow Brian Burrow closed the conference with a comprehensive look at the astonishing range of plants he grows and propagates in different ways.

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