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Autumn Conference Roundup
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Autumn Conference Roundup

The Autumn Conference was a new venture run over the same weekend as the AGM. Comments were very favourable and everyone seemed to enjoy it. The only minor criticism was lack of time to socialise between the AGM and the start of the conference. We would like to repeat the exercise in the future, but with a format that fits in better with the AGM on the Saturday.

The AGM concluded with the E B Anderson Memorial Lecture on 'Turkey' given by Oron Peri. This takes place as part of the AGM every year and is open free to all AGS members.

Christopher Grey-Wilson
Kit Grey-Wilson The conference itself was opened by Christopher Grey-Wilson who also gave the first talk entitled 'Picos de Europa', encouraging delegates to visit this easily acccessible, but little known, region of Northern Sain.

Keith Lever
Keith & Tim Lever Keith, assisted by Tim Lever, gave a practical workshop and talk on how they propagate alpines from seed and cuttings at their North Wales Nursery.

Phillip Cribb
Phillip Cribb Phillip gave a lecture on 'Hardy European Orchids', with an interesting discussion on complications and recent developments in nomenclature.

Joanne Everson
Joanne Everson Joanne gave a talk on developments over the years on Kew's Rock Garden

Tim Lever
Tim Lever Tim gave a talk on the amazing range of Alpine plants that are native to the area round his home in North Wales.

Doug Joyce, auctioneer
Doug Joyce The day concluded with the Conference dinner followed by a lively auction presided over by Doug Joyce.

woth several well-known assistants.

Peter Erskine
Peter Erskine Peter talked about the many visits he has made to the French Alps and the plants that can be seen there.

Brian Burrow
Brian Burrow Brian gave a lively practical demonstration on how to graft some of the alpines that are more difficult to propagate. The laurel branch Brian is holding was one of the larger than life props used for demonstration purposes in front of a large audience.

Vojtech Holubec
Vojtech Holubec Vojtech talked about Alpines in Central and South East Europe

Katie Price
Katie Price Katie shared her experieces on a Kew Gardens visit to Georgia

Syd Clark
Syd Clark Syd gave us a roundup of the European Primulas.

Harry jans
Harry Jans Harry finished the Conference tour of European alpines with a visit to the main alpine areas on the Greek mainland.

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