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AGM 2013 Report
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AGM 2013 Report

The AGM was held on Saturday 9 November at Stratford. The formal business will be reported in the minutes, but here we have some of the highlights.

AGM 2013 The meeting was presided over by the President, David Haselgrove, and the Society Director, Chris McGregor.

AGM 2013 Chris presented the annual report of the trustees with a roundup of the year's highlights.

Colin Smith The Treasurer, John Galloway, was unable to be with us for family reasons, but the former treasurer, Colin Smith, returned to present the Treasurer's report.

The Lyttel Trophy
Cecilia Coller Cecilia Coller.

The Society's most prestigious award, which is for 'meritorious work with alpines', was announced on the day and was hugely popular with the audience. Cecilia is well known in the Society for her skill in growing and showing a huge range of alpine plants, as well as for encouraging new members to grow them.

Sir William & Lady Lawrence Award
Kana Webster Kana Webster for her work in developing the AGS Garden at Pershore

Clarence Elliott Memorial Award
Evelyn Stevens Dr Evelyn Stevens for her article:

'Sorting out the big blue poppies'

Lionel & Joyce Bacon Award
Vic Aspland Vic Aspland for his article:

'Lessons I've learned in greenhouses'

Christopher Grey-Wilson Award
Yiannis Christofides for his article:

'Treasure Island'

Yiannis was unable to attend the AGM.

Local Group Award
Alan Wolstencroft Alan Wolsoncroft for his work in the local group and in promoting the Society nationally.

Local Group Award and Sussex Weald Silver Jubilee Trophy
Mike and Pearl Dale who were unable to attend the AGM, also received a Local Group Award as well as the Sussex Weald Silver Jubilee Trophy.

Local Group Award
David Hoare who was unable to attend the AGM, also received a Local Group Award.

Vice President
John Good Jon Good was appointed a Vice President in recognition of his work for the Society over many years.

Vice President
John Richards was also appointed as a Vice President, but was unable to attend as he had just finished leading an AGS tour to the Peloponnese.

Kath Dryden Award
John Massey John Massey for his expertise in the cultivation of the genus Hepatica

E B Anderson Memorial Lecture
Oron Peri The AGS concluded with the E B Anderson Memorial Lecture given this year by Oron Peri on 'Turkey'.

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