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AGM 2010 - Photographs

The AGM 2010
AGM 2010 Presiding over the AGM - Treasurer Colin Smith, President Val Lee and Director Chris McGregor

E B Anderson Memorial Lecture - Helen Dillon
Helen Dillon 'Dig it up and Throw it Away'

The Lyttel Trophy - Vojtěch Holubec
Voijtec Holubec Vojtěch Holubec has been at the forefront of Czech alpine gardening for some years, but he is moreover a figure of international renown whose acclaimed lectures are very fluently delivered to audiences far and wide. (His ability to speak several languages has given him access to important floras not intelligible to most rock gardeners. This has greatly benefited our collective knowledge of the mountain plants of the Tien Shan, Kamchatka and the Caucasus – on which he has co-authored an important work, ‘The Caucasus and its Flowers’).

The seedlist that he issues annually is a prime source of high alpine, and unfailingly offers an exciting, diverse range of species. His work as an agricultural botanist, and his apparent yen to visit every single one of the world’s mountain ranges, have taken him repeatedly to places little visited by his contemporaries, and he has made many important plant introductions from seed. Some of these – the Caucasian Saxifraga x dinninaris for example – are new to science, and he has described them himself. Various Chinese provinces, Tibet, Sikkim, Uzbekistan through to Kyrgyzstan, much of Turkey, Iran, the Caucasus, mountain ranges through Europe, the Rocky Mts, Patagonia: his energetic travels have taken him to the highest parts, as his writing, lectures and photographs (his mountainscapes in particular are exemplary) attest.

His garden on the outskirts of Prague is remarkable, and intelligently planted throughout; here is the most eclectic collection of dwarf, hardy plants imaginable – an immaculate grouping of witches’ broom conifers (an early enthusiasm), Tibetan gentians growing on damp, shaded, near-vertical banks, and rarities aplenty thriving and in character atop carefully constructed pinnacles and colonizing seemingly natural screes. It is a model of how a rock garden should look.

In 2004 he was elected President of the Prague Rock Garden Club and he also helped to mastermind the very successful First International Czech Alpine Plant Conference, held at Beroun. Vojtěch is a distinguished, very knowledgeable, persuasive ambassador on all matters relating to alpine plants.

Vojtěch with his wife Lenka
Vojtěch Holubec

Tim Ingram
The Lionel & Joyce Bacon Award

Harold McBride collecting Margaret Glynn's Award
Harold MacBride Award of Honour

Elsie Willett
Elsie Willett Local Group Award

Jon Evans
Jon Evans Award of Honour

Doreen & Eric Webster
Doreen & Eric Webster Award of Honour

Jeremy Pratt
Jeremy Pratt The Ferrier Charlton Award

John Richards
John Richards Website Award

Jill Larner
Jill Larner Jill Larner organises all the Trophies for the AGM each year.  Her help has been invaluable to everyone involved in the AGM.

This will be Jill's last AGM as she retires during the coming year.  We wish her all the best for the future.

The Show Awards

Adam Baines
Adam Baines Bronze Medal

Michael Dyer
Michael Dyer Bronze Medal

Tony Taziker
Tony Taziker Bronze Medal

Colin & Sue Buxton
Colin & Sue Buxton Donald Lowndes Memorial Bowl
Bronze medal
Clifford Crook Cup

Colin Dolding
Colin Dolding Silver Bar (1)

Clive Dart
Clive Dart Silver Bar (2)

Georgina Instone
Georgina Instone Silver Bar (2)

Peter Summers
Peter Summers Silver Bar (2)

Margaret Pickering
Margaret Pickering Silver Bar (4)
Silver Bar (5)

Neil Hubbard
Neil Hubbard AGS Spoon

Tony Hale
AGS Spoon
AGS Spoon
Silver Bar (1)
Silver Bar (2)
Tomlinson Tankard

Ju Bramley
Mike Bramley (standing in for Ju) Photography B Aggregate

Ju couldn't make it but Mike collected her award.

Anne Vale
Anne Vale AGS Spoon
L W Browne Trophy
Silver Bar (1)
Silver Bar (2)
Byng Cup

John Bunn
John Bunn Gold Medal

Clare Dower
Clare Dower Gold Medal

Robin Pickering
Robin Pickering Gold Medal

Peter Farkasch
Peter Farkasch Gold Medal
Silver Bar (4)

Alan & Janet Cook
Alan & Janet Cook Gold Bar (1)

Ian Instone
Ian Instone Gold Bar (1)

Alan Newton
Alan Newton Gold Bar (3)

Lionel Clarkson
Lionel Clarkson Gold Bar (3)
Farrer Certificate

Eric Jarrett
Eric Jarrett Gold Bar (4)
Farrer Certificate

Don Peace
Don Peace Ivor Barton Trophy
Gold Bar (9

Mavis & Sam Lloyd
Mavis & Sam Lloyd Gold Bar (5)

Paul & Gill Ranson
Paul & Gill Ranson Gold Bar (10)

Ivor Betteridge
Ivor Betteridge Gold Bar (20)
Gold Bar (21)

Jean Morris
Jean Morris Gold Bar (Art:3)
Muriel Hodgman Art Award
Artistic Open Aggregate

Jon Evans
Jon Evans Gold Bar (Art:4)
Dawson Trophy
Ferns Art Trophy
Photography Open Aggregate

John Dixon
John Dixon AGS Seed Distribution Award

Harold McBride
Harold MacBride Gold Bar (5)
Farrer Medal (10th)

Geoff Rollinson
Geoff Rollinson Gold Bar (25)
Farrer Medal (30th)

Mike & Christine Brown
Mike & Christine Brown Cyclamen Society Salver
Ione Hecker Trophy
Gold Bar (4)
Farrer Certificate
Farrer Medal (20th)

Bob & Rannveig Wallis
Bob & Rannveig Wallis Narcissus Salver
Gold Bar (24)
Farrer Certificate
Farrer Certificate

Rannveig Wallis
Rannveig Wallis Florence Baker Award

Cecilia Coller
Cecilia Coller Bill MacKenzie Trophy
Gold Bar (34)
Gold Bar (35)
E B Anderson Prize
Mooney Cup
Anna Griffith Memorial Trophy
Royal Bank of Scotland Trophy
Audrey Bartholomew Memorial Spoon
Giuseppi Cup

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