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The AGS Slide Library

The purpose of the slide library is to provide slides for publication in the Alpine Gardener, to give a source of slides that can be borrowed by members for talks and lectures and to have slides that can be used in AGS and external publications. The library has grown steadily and there are now more than 18,000 slides in the collection held at the AGs Centre in Pershore. The general quality of the slides is very high and there is a strong representation of slides from areas such as the Alps, Pyrenees, the Mediterranean region and North America. It also covers a very good selection of European orchids as well as a variety of plants from South Africa, Australia, New Zealand and Southern Patagonia. Plant genera particularly well represented include Androsace, Calochortus, Dionysia, Gentiana, Primula and Saxifraga and bulbous families such as Fritillaria and Narcissus. The collection also serves as a record of the Society's shows and the many wonderful plants that appear on the show bench are faithfully recorded, as are a good selection of rock garden plants. A new list detailing all the slides in the collection has been produce and is available to members. Members are encouraged to make use of the slides available and they can make arrangements to borrow them, at a reduced rate, by contacting Peter Sheasby or Ann Thomas via the AGS Centre at Pershore. If you wish to borrow slides please contact the Centre in plenty of time and make arrangements to return them as quickly as possible after use.

The Society is also very pleased to receive requests from external organisations regarding the loan and publication of images contained in the library. Images can be supplied either as slides or digital files. Details of hire charges can be obtained by contacting AGS Centre.