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Grants and Awards


Ms. Evelyn F. Hendry bequeathed a significant part of her estate to the East Surrey Group of the Alpine Garden Society when she died in 1993. This was used to establish a fund which is administered by the AGS and is used to further the Society's charitable objectives. Grants for specific alpine-related projects are available from the Hendry Fund. Projects can involve research on any aspect of alpine plants in the wild or in cultivation.

Click here for further information and an application form (33Kb)


All applications for travel awards and grants must be received

by 31 January each year

Travel Awards

Each year the Society gives a limited number of Travel Awards to enthusiasts wishing to gain field experience in the serious study of alpine plants in native habitats.  Applications should be for clearly defined projects, though Awards have been made to those wishing to participate in an AGS Tour if it complements a particular area of interest.

For further information and an application form, please contact Jackie Cooper at AGS Centre or
Click here for more information and an application form


The following points might have a bearing on whatever grant is being considered by the selectors
If you feel inclined to respond in any respect, please do so overleaf or on a separate sheet
1.       Would seed be available for distribution after your journey?
2.       Would slides surplus to your requirements be available for the Society’s use?
If you propose to go about collecting plants, herbarium specimens or seeds – it would be necessary to hear exactly how you propose to proceed – what advice you were seeking and what professional backing you were receiving from a recognised botanical institute.
We would need to be reassured that you understood fully the legal restriction of collecting plants – and even seed – in your chosen area of travel and the formalities you will be required to observe when importing into the UK.
   The Society does not impose a general prohibition on collecting, but does expect:
i)                    Careful observance of the rules, both in this country and abroad, and
ii)                  a responsible attitude on the part of those collecting
Any award will be dependent on the area visited yielding information on alpine or rock plants that
are generally regarded as hardy in the United Kingdom
The relevance of your journey in relation to your work and/or studies will be considered
The Society reserves the right to publish Reports in The Alpine Gardener and on the Society’s Website.
Any applicant related to a Trustee of the Alpine Garden Society
must declare this on their Application



A principal requirement of any Award
will be the submission of a written account of your journey
within six months of your return home


Merlin Trust/Alpine Garden Society
In 1990 The Merlin Trust was founded by the late Valerie Finnis VMH to provide travel grants for young horticulrists .  In the past Awards have been offered jointly with the Alpine Garden Society.  If you would like to receive this information and an application form, when it becomes available, please send your contact details.  Applicants should be enthusiastic about plants with a particulr interest in alpines.  They must be under 35 years of age and have British or Irish citizenship.  Students belonging to other nationalities are eligible only if they are currently studying at a UK horticultural training establishment.

For details and more information contact the Secretary by e-mailing 

Merlin Trust Website:

Other Grant Awarding Organisations
For information on other horticultural grant awarding organisations visit the website of Grants for Horticulturists -