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Waters, Stephen

Home Town: Hatfield, Herts

Information: Many years experience of leading field courses and of running a London University field centre. Also of leading natural history holidays in Britain and abroad, with special interest in Crete. Society lectures are normally shared with Clive Daws; together we aim to deliver entertaining talks with a firm scientific basis, well illustrated using our data projection equipment

1. Crete in Bloom – Long isolation has produced a fascinating flora on Crete, ranging from typical Mediterranean elements to specialised alpines and including many endemic species
2. Beauties and Mysteries of the Burren – The Burren district of western Ireland carries a unique and beautiful range of plants; it is a meeting point for arctic, alpine and oceanic species
3. Mountain Flowers and other Alpines of the British Alpines – The greatest diversity of our native mountain plants is by no means confined to the highest peaks; near the north and west coasts many alpines descend to sea level
4. Mediterranean Island Floras – The islands of the Mediterranean carry many unique species, important variations on the theme of a colourful species-rich springtime flora
5. Butterflies and Moths in the Garden – Insect life is a different fascinating and beautiful world behind the scenes, in gardens as well as in the countryside

Fee: B plus travel

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