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Wallis, Dr Bob & Rannveig

Home Town: Carmarthen, South Wales

Information: Members of the AGS for the past thirty years. Specialise in dwarf bulbs and have travelled extensively in areas where these grow. Now run a small nursery supplying rare bulbs by mail order.

1. Kurdistan:  this takes in various trips around the borders of Turkey, Iraq and Iran including some nice quiet volcanoes.  Very high and spectacular mountains with a huge number of endemic plants.  Our favourite region of the World.
2. The Zagros:  The unbelievably rich flora of this high and very snowy range of mountains which stretch down the western side of Iran and have been quite difficult to access until very recently.  We will show lots of Dionysias as well as some spectacular fritillaries, tulips and the hugely variable Anemone biflora.
3. Flowers of the Pontics:  A photographic tour which criss-crosses from the moist temperate climate of the Black Sea-facing slopes to the drier high steppes on the south side through spring, summer and autumn.
4. Georgia in the Early Spring:  We took a short tour to Georgia in April 2010 to see the early flora in both the Caucasus and the Lesser Caucasus so we show lots of Primulas, Scillas, snowdrops and other fabulous woodland flowers.  There were even some early alpines in the snow melt.
5. The Levant: Hatay to Hermon:  this is about spring flowers in the Levant (Amanus in Turkey, Jebl Nusairia in Syria and all ranges in Lebanon).  Mainly Mediterranean bulbs with a lot of Cyclamen and some high mountain flora.
6. Elburz and Kopet Dag: a circular trip around the Caspian forests and then into the dry Kopet Dag via the Golestan National Park.  The forests contain a lot of very garden worthy plants.  Great Irises and a couple of Dionysias. 
7. Morocco bound:  an older (slides) talk about our flower hunting experiences in Morocco in the 1980s.
8. California:  an older (slides) talk about travels in California and S Oregon looking for flowers in the coastal ranges, Sierra Nevada and Siskiyou mountains in spring.
9. Turkish Delights:  a more general talk based on 15 trips, over 25 years, throughout the three climatic zones in Turkey and their special plants.  The three zones are Mediterranean, high central plateau and the northern temperate rainforest
10. Petra to Persepolis:  A talk which we prepared for the World of Bulbs IV conference in January 2010.  We describe the highlights of the bulbous flora of the mountains which form a huge arc around the Syrian Desert and Mesopotamia from Jordan through Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and Iran ending at the famous city of the Persian Kings near Shiraz.
11. Steppes in the Snowmelt:  A tour of the northern hemisphere’s high steppes at snowmelt time.  This is the time when huge numbers of bulbs and other alpines come rapidly into growth and flower.  We visit: California, Morocco, Greece, Turkey and Iran.  This is a talk which was prepared specifically for the Chiltern Conference in September 2010.
12. Autumn in the Mediterranean:  A look at plants which flower through October and November in the Mediterranean area.  This takes in Spain, Greece and Turkey.  Great pictures of Colchicum, Crocus and Cyclamen.
13. Bulbous Habitats:  A look at various habitat types where bulbs are found using pictures from all over the northern hemisphere.  We talk about the habitat and how we can copy that to get such bulbs growing in UK.  It can be adapted for either general gardeners who like to grow things in the garden or for more expert audiences who have access to greenhouses and frames and want to learn more about the subject.
14. Early Bulbs: Having grown and shown bulbs in early shows for the best part of 40 years we review those which, in our hands, normally flower before the end of March in either the garden or in pots.  It shows of many species in wild habitats and how we cultivate them.  We have included a number of medal winners to show what can be achieved.
15. Maintenance of a Bulb Collection:  A detailed, practical review of the way in which we manage our bulb collection in Wales, how we propagate the various genera and how we grow them through the year.
16. Fritillaries on Four Continents:  A review of our favourite genus based on habitat type and therefore cultivation requirements.  This was prepared for the 2011 International Rock Garden Conference.
17. Wildlings & Foundlings:  A short (30 min) talk written for the Galanthus Gala 2012 about some of the more unusual Galanthus in the wild, their habitat & co-inhabitants and some new forms which we have raised.

All talks are primarily focused on bulbs but we put in lots of other things like wildlife, archaeological sites and even a few people sometimes.

Garden Talks for a more general audience:
18. The Garden at Llwyn Ifan:  Our garden in the wild wet west of Wales which has developed over 15 years.
19. Bulbs for the Garden:  We specialise in bulbous plants and this describes those that are good garden plants in the west of Wales.
20. Autumn in the garden:  Our favourite season with autumn colour and lots of flowers.
21. Alpines in the wild and in cultivation:  A general talk (slides) about the “how to construct” and “what to grow” in the way of alpines.  We discuss rock gardens, troughs and alpine houses and an A – Z list of good plants.  This is where we started way back in the early 1970s and how our interest has developed.

Fee: B plus travelling expenses
Equipment: All talks are illustrated with digital slides setup in Powerpoint unless otherwise noted.


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