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Walker, Timothy

Home Town: Oxford

Information: Read Botany at Oxford. Trained at Askham Bryan, Windsor and Kew. Director at Oxford Botanic Garden from 1988 to 2014 and is now College Lecturer in Plant Sciences (botany) at Somerville College Oxford. Custodian of NCCPG Collection of Euphorbia.

1. The University of Oxford Botanic Garden – The First 390 Years
2. Oxfordshire’s Best Kept Secret (The Harcourt Arboretum)
3. Euphorbias – Probably the Best Plants in the World
4. Can the Americans Garden?
5. Plant Hunting in Eastern Anatolia
6. Garden Hunting in China
7. Down the Track and Across the Plain I – The Top End to the South Coast (Australia)
8. Down the Track and Across the Plain II – The South-West Corner (Australia)
9. The Healing Power of Plants
10. Colour in a Small Garden
11. What have Plants Ever Done for Us?
12. Sex, Lies and Putrefaction
13. Plants, Borders and Gardens
14. Boggery in the Garden
15. The Family Life of Plants
16. Rockery in the Garden
17. The Plants of the Algarve
18. The Land of Volcanoes and Giants (Pacific North-West)
19. On Top but Never in Control – Tales from a Small Garden
20. A Blaze of Glory
21. From Diaz to Diamonds
22. Scent in the Garden
23. Tenerife - botanical honeypot
21. What is special about plants from Mediterranean-type regions
22. The AGS seed collecting trip to Japan in 1988

Fee: C plus travel and overnight accommodation
Equipment: I have my own projector but need a screen or wall

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