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Sutton, Julian

Home Town: Totnes, Devon
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Information: Botanically inclined nurseryman, lifelong plantsman.

1. Making Sense of the Iridaceae (my ‘botanist turned nurseryman’ view of the family)
2. Whatever Happened to the Liliaceae?
3. Spines not Included: Herbaceous Berberidaceae from Forest and Mountain’
4. I Believe in the Western Cape (an introduction to winter-rainfall South African plants, their wild habitats and cultivation)
5. The Secret Life of Bulbs and Corms (making sense of the structure of bulbs and corms, how they are formed and how they increase, with implications for propagation)
6. ‘Underground, Overground, Wandering Free’ (a practical demonstration of diversity of the parts of herbaceous plants just above and below the soil surface, and its implications for propagation)
7. Adventures with Fancy Foliage (the subtleties of form and colour in leaves which make the difference between an average garden plant and a great one, all illustrated by interesting perennials, alpines and bulbs)
8. Adventures with Strange Perennials
9. Further Adventures with Strange Perennials
10. No Rest for the Wicked (demonstrations of seasonal propagation work at any time of year)

Fee: C plus travelling expenses
Availability: Please contact

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