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Sheader, Martin and Anna-Liisa

Home Town:  Southampton, Hampshire

Information: Martin is a retired marine biologist, previously at the National Oceanography Centre, Southampton University and Anna is a retired marine biologist and ecological consultant. Both judge at AGS shows and Martin is an RHS committee member and judge. Together they grow a wide range of alpines and have a particular interest in South American plants. They have visited Patagonia many times, and have a good knowledge of the area and its flora. They, together with a group colleagues, have written a comprehensive field guide to the flowers of the region (AGS Field Guide Series).

1. Plants of the Volcano Region of Northern Patagonia (explores how volcanoes have influenced plant communities)
2. Plant Hunting in Patagonia’s Deep South (the remarkable flora of southern Argentina and Chile north of the Straits of Magellan, were the mountains abut onto permanent ice fields with cold winters and unpredictable cool summers)
3. Patagonia Coast to Coast: from the Atlantic to the Pacific (a journey across Patagonia, featuring dry steppe, mountain and temperate rain forest environments and plants)
4. The Patagonia National Park: the creation of a new national park in a plant-rich area of southen Argentina (looks at the plant communities on and around Meseta del Lago Buenos Aires in southern Patagonia and the formation of a new national park)
5. Monte Zeballos, where Southern and Northern Patagonian Floras Meet (expeditions to a floristically diverse area in the Andes of Central Patagonia)
6. Hardy Cacti of the Patagonian mountains and steppe (cacti of the low rainfall areas to the east of the andean peaks)
7. Flowers of the Patagonian steppe (flowering plants of the low rainfall areas east of the Andean range)
8. Violas and Volcanoes (An overview of Andinium (rosulate) violas in a range of environments and their association with volcanic landscapes in Patagonia)
9. Cushion Plants of the Southern Andes (the Andes contain around 60% of the world’s cushion plants. In this talk we present a broad range of cushion plants and discuss how they are adapted to their environment)
10. Orchids, Amaryllids and Irids of the Southern Andes (here we cover a selection of flowering monocotyledons, to show the range of species and their habitats)
11. Patagonian Orchids (the orchids of Patagonia are beautiful and showy, but little known in cultivation. The talk looks at the species in habitat)
12. With the A.G.S. in Southern Peru (an account of the first AGS tour to the mountains of southern Peru in 2014)
13. Exploring mountains of the Ancash Region of central Peru
14. Cacti of the mountains of southern and central Peru
15. Cultivation of a selection of Patagonian alpines
16. With the AGS in the central Chilean Andes



Fee: Travel expenses only
Equipment: Own digital projector and laptop.

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