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Rankin, Prof David

Home Town:  Edinburgh, Scotland
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Information: Lectures are based on experiences (a) walking in the mountains, (b) equally energetically working in our garden - a one-acre steep hillside, (c) showing plants, (d) doing some research on relationships between plants and soils, from a chemist's point of view, and
(e) running a nursery.

1. The Search for a Long-Lost Primula (the search was in the wild, in herbaria, old documents – and there's a lot more than just primulas along the way)
2. The Rocky Road to Chelsea (planning and preparation of displays at gardening shows)
3. A Short History of Alpines from the Big Bang to Last Week (the origins of the plants we all grow)
4. The Fourth River: Forrest's Legacy (George Forrest's Plant Introductions)
5. The Last Continent (hunting for plants around the world)
6. Poles Apart: China and Chile
7. Wild, Wet and Woodland Gardening
8. Hunting for Primulas in the Mountains of China
9. Primulas Wild and in the Garden
Other subjects by negotiation

Fee:  B plus expenses.
Equipment:  If travelling by car I can provide my own digital projector and laptop. Otherwise projection equipment should be provided. A plant stall (Kevock Garden Plants) can usually be provided.
Availability: More or less any time and any place.

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