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Page, Dr John

Home Town:  Solihull, West Midlands

Information: Former University Lecturer, Online Correspondent of the AGS History of Rock and Alpine Gardening Specialist Study Group, author of numerous articles on plants, member of the RHS Bulb Committee and the editorial board of the RHS Daffodil, Snowdrop and Tulip Yearbook, widely travelled in mountain ranges from the Rockies to the Tien Shan

The following talks draw on the speaker’s experience of growing alpines and bulbs for many years and a love of rock and alpine gardens and their history:
1. 250 Years of Rock and Alpine Gardening
2. Alpine Gardening in the Twentieth Century
3. The Contemporary Alpine Garden
4. Crevice Plants and Crevice Gardens
5. Troughs, Tufa and Raised Beds
6. Alpines in Botanic Gardens
7. Reginald Farrer and the Alpine Garden
8. Victorian Gardens
9. Edwardian Gardens
10. Introducing Bulbs

The following talks derive from the speaker’s many visits to the mountains to photograph plants, study their habitats and see what lessons can be learned for their cultivation:  
11. An Anthology of Mountains and their Plants
12. Round the Alpine Chain
13. Bulbs in the Wild
14. Tulips in the Wild and In Cultivation
15. The Glorious Dolomites and their Plants
16. Mountain Plants of Turkey
17. Mountain Plants of Crete
18. Mountain Plants of Greece
19. Mountain Plants of Cyprus
20. Mountain Plants of Spain
21. Mountain Plants of the Rockies
22. Mountain Plants of Kazakhstan
23. Plants of the Eastern Mediterranean


Fee:                B plus travel expenses
Availability:   Generally available and happy to talk at short notice

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