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Myers, Michael

Michael D. Myers   Dip Hort (RHS), HND, BSc (Hons), MSc, MHort (RHS), CBiol, MSB, MCIHort,

Home Town:   Harrogate, North Yorkshire
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1. Alpines for Beginners - in the Wild and Cultivation
2. An Alternative Kitchen Garden
3. Architectural Plants – Foliage and Form
4. Autumnal Interest in the Garden
5. Building Garden Structures – Hard-Landscaping Made Easy
6. Dwarf Bulbs Throughout the Year
7. Favourite Gardens of Yorkshire and/or Britain
8. Favourite Plant Associations
9. Flowers of Crete, Corfu and Cyprus
10. Friend or Foe - Parasites and Symbionts
11. Garden Structures and Sculptures
12. Green with Envy – Green Flowers in the Garden
13. Hardy Orchids in the Garden and in the Wild
14. Hepaticas
15. Herbaceous Perennials
16. Low Maintenance and Wild Flower Gardens - Easy Gardening with Style?
17. Mountain Flower Holidays in Eastern Europe - Poland, Slovania, Czech Republic and Romania
18. Primula marginata – From the Maritime Alps to Yorkshire
19. Pruning and training
20. Rock Gardens – Currant Bun or Naturalistic Sculpture
21. Scents and Scentability - Unusual Scents in the Garden
22. Snowdrops and Snowflakes - a Galanthophile’s Tale
23. Snowdrops from October to April
24. Trees and Shrubs for the Smaller Garden
25. The Weird and the Wonderful – a Botanical Exploration of  Plants and their Aberrant Forms
26. Water in the Garden
27. Winter Flowering Plants
28. Winter Gardens – Structure, Form and Seasonal Interest
29. Winter Interest - Flowers, Foliage and Bark
30. Wood Anemones – Forms and Hybrids of Anemone nemorosa
31. Woodland Plants for Connoisseurs – Snowdrops, Hepaticas, Trilliums and Many Others
32. Woodland Ranunculaceae - Anemones, Hepaticas, Aconites, Hellebores and Celandines
33. Year-Round Garden

Fee: C plus expenses
Equipment: All lectures are illustrated with high quality slides, and in some cases demonstrations of plants can also be arranged. Remote control/autofocus projector, screen, projector stand and extension leads can be provided. I am also able to give demonstrations on pruning and propagation where numbers and facilities allow. Unusual plants can also be brought for sale. As a new feature some talks can reduced in length so that two topics can be presented in the same lecture, perhaps useful for more specialised talks, since not everyone is interested in snowdrops.
Availability: If available, I am always willing to give talks to local groups at short notice should an existing speaker have to cancel.  Visits for gardening clubs can also be arranged to the garden at Fairview throughout the year on weekends or in the evening. Tea, coffee and homemade cakes can be included all for £4 per person.

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