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Murray, Peter and Jackie

Home Town: Grantham, Lincs
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Information:  Our illustrated talks are well known for breadth in their content and inspirational photography and we have talks that will appeal to a wide audience as well as the more specialist group. We wish to convey our enjoyment of alpines, particularly in the wild, and provide an informative perspective including the places, plants, and people of the alpine world.

1. Following the Snowmelt – A pictorial spring diary set in the spectacular Dolomites and Swiss Alps. This talk follows the story of the Alpine flora after the winter snowmelt. Not only does it show the progression of the spring flowering in the alpine valleys and high mountain habitats, but it also includes an insight into the growing conditions gardeners should provide for a wide variety of hardy plants that have their origins in the mountains.
2. Learning from Landscapes – Gardeners, growers and show-ers nurture plants that often have their homes in far away places. The key to success in growing a plant is knowledge of its native habitat. This talk looks at where plants live, what plants want, and the features that might offer some clues about their needs in cultivation. It will appeal to those with a general gardening interest, and be thought provoking for the specialist!
3. The Good, the Bad and the Ugly – A popular light hearted yet provocative look at the sort of plants we like to grow, ones we would hate to grow and ones that just keep growing! Growing, showing or gardening, this will offer food for thought on plants you could try, and others you might like to avoid!
4. Renaissance of an English Garden: Easton Walled Gardens – In the early 1900’s President Roosevelt described Easton Walled Gardens as “a dream of nirvana too good to be true”. Sadly two world wars saw the garden’s decline into a wilderness, although its structure remained along with many interesting relic plants. The new millennium saw the renaissance of this hidden garden. This is its story- past present and future.
5. Mostly Green and White: A Beginners Guide to Snowdrops – It is a fine line between a hobby and an obsession! For many, snowdrops mark the beginning of the gardeners’ year. We will take you on a brief excursion to look at their features and beauty of snowdrops, explain how to grow them, and visit some of the places where you can see them at their best. There is more to the snowdrop than just green and white – but be warned, this talk could be the start of an obsession.
6. Deadly and Delicious: Plants to Avoid or Enjoy – In gardens, the plants we grow a variety of plants which vary from the deadly to the delicious. This talk looks at the story behind some of our favourite, and not so favourite garden plants. We also show how both the nice and the nasty can have a place in the garden – but after this talk possibly not all the plants will be in yours in the future!
7. Alpines, Myths and Magic: A Practical Activity Talk – This practical activity-talk will be of interest to garden or horticultural groups, but has been presented very successfully to a variety of 'general interest 'groups. We begin with an illustrated introduction into the 'myths and magic' of alpine plants, both in the wild and in cultivation. A practical demonstration of planting an alpine trough, and how to sew alpine seeds, follows. Everyone can then plant their own pot of alpine seeds to take away! The cost of seeds, plants, 'pots' and planting materials are covered in the fee. The alpine trough produced in the demonstration can be raffled or sold by the host club or society to raise funds!

Tibet Talks – In 2010 we were fortunate to join the AGS botanical tour to Tibet, which included a three week trek into the remote parts on the Northern side of the Himalaya. This is home to many unusual plants as well as the relatives of many more familiar garden plants. We are pleased to offer two  talks based on our experiences of the plants and peoples of this region, set against the rugged backdrop of the highest mountains on earth.
8. Plant Hunting on the Roof of the World – This talk takes you on a botanical and cultural tour of Tibet. Experience expedition life and the highs and lows of plant-hunting taking different types of pictures  amidst some of the most spectacular but challenging parts of the Himalaya.
9. Tibet: A Photographic Journey – This talk looks at the photographic dimension of expedition life. This talk explains how to take pictures in different situations and  make the most of photographic opportunities in limited time and in difficult situations on your travels.

Fee: C plus travel
Equipment: We supply our own high quality digital projection equipment, screen and cables.

Availability: Please phone or email to discuss dates and talk title. We can travel larger distances in the week. Weekends are also possible with plenty of notice.

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