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Horswood, Richard

Home Town:  Honiton, Devon

Information: Former teacher (Biology) and former Chairman of the Bristol and Somerset Groups, but now Secretary of the Somerset Group. Many visits to the Mountains of Europe for over twenty years


1. Successes and Failures with Alpines (how I try to grow them!) - 2 talks (1) basic alpines in the garden and (2) other methods especially growing in containers and under cover
2. The Garden at Freshfields – a garden from scratch.
3. Alpines and other perennials from seed.
4. Plants of the French Alps. (Southern and Northern areas usually done separately)
5. Plants of the Swiss Alps
6. Plants of the Austrian Alps.
7. Mainly Limestone - Plants of Northern Italy and Slovenia (could also include the Apennines).
8. The Picos de Europa and other Spanish Highpoints.
9. Plants of the Pyrenees.
10. Spring in Southern France and Spain.
11. Spring Flowers of Crete. (Mediterranean Flowers)
12. Northern Patagonia with the Alpine Garden Society.
13. New Zealand by Campervan. Or separate talks on North and South Island.
14. Flowers of the Massif Central (Cevennes and Auvergne).
15. Norway via Gothenberg Botanic Garden.
16. A Gardner’s View of Chile. (Not Gardener’s)
17. California.
18. Meadow plants of the Alps
19. European Alpine Plants of Rocks and Screes.
20. Alpines in troughs (some overlap with successes and failures (2)

Fee: Expenses only (would do a free lecture in exchange for a free lecturer from another Group for the Somerset Group)
Equipment: Can supply all own equipment. Digital presentation
Availability: Available anywhere and generally available (unless away on travels).

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