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Hill, David

Home Town: Budapest, Hungary and  Walsall, West Midlands

I was born in Walsall in 1952 and started my early botanical adventures in the Arboretum there, then Sutton Park and Cannock Chase. I did the original botanical lists for Hay Head Nature Reserve aged 16, and lectured for the South Staffs Naturalists’ Society from 18 onwards. After 4 years in the Cotswolds and 3 years in the Oxfordshire water meadows, I moved for 2 years to Riva Del Garda and explored alpine and Mediterranean flora together. Then 1980-86 I lived in ex-Yugoslavia and wrote a series of articles on the flora in Serbia for the AGS Journal. I worked extensively on Crocuses, and am co-author of the new species Crocus rujanensis Randjelovic et Hill, and co-author of the book The Genus Crocus L. in Serbia. From 1986-1998 I lived in northern Italy again, and botanized my way round the peninsula, and since 1998 I have been based in Budapest. Since 1972 I have taken many thousands of flower photos of everything I have found, and now have a substantial digital archive, having had all pre 2005 slides digitalized.
I should add that I have talked on botany and other subjects for more than 40 years, so I am a very experience public speaker.

1. The Genus Crocus in ex-Yugoslavia
2. Some interesting wild flowers of the Balkans
3. Botanizing round Lake Garda, Italy
4. Some Mediterranean flowers
5. July & August in the Dolomites
6. Easter in Sardinia
7. Wild Orchids of Europe
8. Landscapes and plants: relating plants to the places they grow

Fee: C

Equipment: I can bring my laptop or a stick, but will need a digital projector and screen

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