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Henderson, Frazer

Home Town: Edinburgh, Scotland

Information: Frazer Henderson is an active member of a number of horticultural societies, including the Scottish Rock Garden Club, the Sedum Society, NCCPG and the Wakefield & North of England Tulip Society. Frazer has travelled extensively to address his interest in island flora, mountain flora and wild tulips. He is happy to find plants and talk about them!.

1. Kyrgyzstan: in search of wild tulips 
There are a number of tulip species present in Kyrgyzstan including TT. dasystemon, ferganica, greigii, heterophylla, iliensis, kolpakowskiana, ostrowskiana, talassica, tetraphylla, tarda and zenaidae. This 45 minute talk covers an exploration of eastern Kyrgyzstan in search of tulips with an explanation of the botanical riches of that part of the country including irises, adonis and fritillaria.

2. It’s not all sand: the mountain flora of Yemen
The talk, drawing on multiple visits to Yemen, shines a light on a little known world of the Haraz mountains, with an exploration of its botanical riches, from succulents to alpine plants, and its cultural heritage, from deserted Jewish towns to walled Ismaili villages. A particular feature of this 45 minute talk is an in depth look at Primula verticillata which was discovered in previously unrecorded locations.

3. The Mascarene archipelago: face to face with the world’s rarest wild plant
A 45 minute account of travels in the southern Indian Ocean exploring the volcanic landscape of Reunion, the lush garden flora of Mauritius before finally alighting on rugged, windswept Rodrigues to search for the last remaining wild specimen of an endemic coffee-like plant – ‘Café marron’ or Ramosmania rodriguesii.  Along the way we meet Dodos, Solitaires and stumble over Giant Tortoises!

4. Spring in the Tien Shan
An exploration of the spring flora from the remote reaches of the west of Kyrgyzstan to the Chinese border discovering alpine plants, marvelling at spectacular mountain views, explore the world’s largest walnut forest, circumnavigating Issyk Kul (the second largest alpine lake in the world) and generally getting out of breath at the snow-melt zone!

Fee: A + travel
Equipment: A digital projector, screen and extension leads would be required.

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