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Denney, Martyn

Home Town: Camberley, Surrey



Yunnan Independently
This covers the Cang Shan, Yulong Xue Shan, Tianchi Hai, Napa Hai and the Shika Shan - so in reality the southern part of north-west Yunnan (Dali, Lijiang and Zhongdian). Mainly from a trip in 2009, with a little from 2015.
(About 75 mins)

Diqing - The Far North-west of Yunnan
This covers Tianchi Hai, Napa Hai, Shika Shan, Hong Shan and the Baima Shan - so in reality the northern part of north-west Yunnan (around Zhongdian and northwards to Deqin). Mainly from a trip in 2015, with a little from 2009. (Yes, the two talks do overlap a little)
(About 75 mins)

The Pre-Monsoon Flora of the Sikkim Himalaya
This covers both Eastern and Western SIkkim from trips in 2006, 2007 and 2011
(About 75 mins)

So I was going to the Alpes Maritime ...
This covers the alpine flowers of five of the high passes of France, a little of the Alpes Maritime & Alpi Maritimi, the Valle d'Aosta, Colle de Grand St Bernard and the meadows of the Gran Paradiso.
(about 75 mins)

Summer in the Upper Engadine
The high alpines and alpine meadow flowers of the Upper Engadine and Val Bernina in south-east Switzerland.
(about 60 minutes)

Late Summer and Early Spring in Georgia (A tale of two field studies)
This covers mountain meadow and woodland plants encountered during the Cyclamen Society field studies in August 2013 looking at Cyclamen colchicum and Spring 2015 looking at Cyclamen coum.
(about 60 mins)

Cyclamen in the Wild and in Cultivation
A look at all the species of cyclamen in the wild, on the show bench and in the garden.
(about 80 mins)

1500 Years of Cyclamen in Herbals and Botanical Art
This covers the period from 512 AD to the year 2012 and shows how botanical art changed from the often fanciful paintings in the manuscript herbals of the 6th - 14th centuries,  to the realism of the printed herbals from 1481 onwards, florilegia of the 17th and 18th centuries and later botanical works as medicine gave way to gardening and botany took over as a science ... all through illustrations of a single genus.
(about 90 mins)

Fee: B plus expenses

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