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Clement, Diane

Home Town:  Wolverhampton, West Midlands
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Information: Diane has been visiting the Alps for 35 years, and has specialised in growing alpine plants for over 20 years.  She is a keen exhibitor and judge for the AGS.  She has a wide range of plant interests, in particular hepaticas, cyclamen, bulbous plants and woodland plants which she grows in cold frames and in her shady garden in Wolverhampton. 

Diane has given lectures for the Alpine Garden Society, Plant Heritage, Hardy Plant Society, Cottage Garden Society, The Plant School, Cyclamen Society and many local Gardening clubs and Natural History Societies. 

Diane is Director of the Seed Exchange for the Alpine Garden Society, which is the largest seed exchange of its type in the world run entirely by volunteers. 

1. Alpines in the Wild and Cultivation - What is an alpine, where do they grow and why?  We will go on four alpine walks at different altitudes to look at alpines in the wild and then see how we can adapt our gardens in order to grow different types of alpines.  Lots of wonderful mountains and flowers!  My most popular lecture with all types of group.
2. A garden for all seasons - There is a flower in my garden on every day of the year.  This is achieved through the use of different situations including shade and sun, moist and dry.  A detailed look at planting round my garden at all times of year.  Lot of practical ideas for you to increase your flowering season. 
3. A Seedy Business - Lots of information about different aspects of seeds, including how to collect seed, germination of easy and more tricky subjects, and how to grow on.  Plenty of tips and practical information about growing from seed!  We will also have a look behind the scenes of the seed exchange and reveal how the AGS Seed Exchange works.
4. A Shady Garden - Half of my garden does not get any sun at all for six months of the year.  I have adapted what I grow in my garden to suit the situation.  I also have a shade house and will show you what I grow in there, why and how.  Practical information about how to adapt a sunny to grow shade-loving plants.
5. A Year in the life of an Alpine Gardener The gardening year starts for me in August when I repot a large number of bulbs.  This talk continues round the year looking at different techniques for growing alpines and bulbs in pots and in the garden, including the use of cold frames and alpine houses.  This lecture contains lots of practical aspects of growing from seed and propagation. 
6. Hepaticas – A Growing Obsession - An in-depth look at this popular genus.  Where hepaticas come from, species round the world, detailed practical information about how to grow hepatica from seed.  How and when to grow on, repotting and round the year care.  The variety of hepatica flower forms and varieties.  (Plants and/or seed may be available for sale, depending on the time of year)
7. Cyclamen - From seed pod to show bench - An in-depth look at this popular genus.  Where cyclamen come from, detailed description of species including underground.  Detailed practical information about how to grow cyclamen from seed.  How and when to grow on, repotting and round the year care.  The variety of cyclamen flower forms and varieties.  (Plants and/or seed may be available for sale, depending on the time of year)
8. Cyclamen and Hepatica - Jewels of the Garden - Two genera of plants from very different parts of the world - one from cold northern forests, the other from the Mediterranean.  How can they grow together in the garden?  A detailed look at both genera with lots of information about growing them from seed.  This lecture contains material in common with the two previous listed lectures and was devised for those groups not keen on a “single genus” lecture.
9. Chinese Lanterns and Tibetan Prayer flags – the AGS tour of Sichuan
A new lecture showing some of the wonderful plants seen on the AGS tour of Sichuan in June 2016.  Meconopsis, Primulas, Androsaces, Lilies Iris, etc
10. Along the Silk Road in Kyrgyzstan – the story of a trip made in 2017 to see bulbs including crocus, corydalis, colchicum, fritillaries, iris and of course the fabled Hepatica falconeri, among snowy mountains and incredible scenery.
11. The Dark Months - My garden is very dark, shady and damp.  This new lecture celebrates the plants that do well in my garden from October to March.  An in depth look at Snowdrops, Hepaticas, Hellebores, Cyclamen and more.
12. Woodland Plants in the wild and in cultivation - I love to grow hepaticas, cypripediums, meconopsis and lots of other species that grow in woodland sites round the world.  We will take a look at some of these woodland plants growing in the wild, and see how we can adapt our gardens in order to grow some of these wonderful plants.  I will also show you how I use a shade house to extend the range of species I grow. I also will dispel myths and mysteries about growing woodland plants from seed.
13. Digital Tips and tricks - This lecture starts with some general tips on photography, appropriate for anyone with a digital camera, including a reminder of basic photographic knowledge such as depth of field, aperture settings and overriding automatic settings.  I then look at some ideas of how to use software to easily improve your picture quickly, including “the five-second fix”, “the ten-second fix”.  I will cover aspects that many people find troublesome, such as: understanding the importance of resolution, what’s a pixel, how to get rid of an intrusive object in your picture, how to easily improve a poor shot in a couple of clicks.  Beginners and more advanced photographers will get lots of tips, and a few tricks!    

Fee: B plus expenses
Equipment: I will bring my own digital equipment, but would appreciate the use of the group’s screen. 

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