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Chadwell, Chris

Home Town:  Slough, Berks
Email:   Website:

Information: Freelance botanist, lecturer, Himalayan consultant and travel photographer. Experienced and lively public speaker sine 1984 – including lecture tours of North America. Modern-day plant explorer – leader of 24 expeditions to the Himalaya. Founder and Secretary of the Himalayan Plant Association. Founder and director of Flowers Fit For A Dalai Lama Plant Conservation Project.  Chris is currently compiling photographic guides to the Primula, Androsace, Saxifraga, Iris and Delphinium of the Western Himalaya.

1. Paradise on Earth – The Alpines of Kashmir
2. Flowers from ‘The Last Place on Earth’ – Plant Hunting in ‘Western Tibet’
3. Lilies, Lamas and Leeches – Plant Hunting in Nepal
4. Flowers of the Cascades – Plant Hunting in America’s Pacific Northwest
5. Mountain flowers of Alaska
6. Growing Himalayan Alpines
7. How to identify plants in the wild & garden
8. Conserving Himalayan Flora in the wild and cultivation


Fee: C + second class rail fare
Equipment: Brings own laptop and digital projector, but please provide stand/table, 2-socket extension lead and screen.
Availability: all year round

[ Full list of AGS Speakers ]
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