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Details of next Meeting Thursday 27th September 2018

Hardy Slipper Orchids and their Habitats in China

on February 26th we have our highlight of the season, Phillip Cribb is going to speak to us on a subject where he is certainly recognised as the country's leading botanist and as a world expert;
 Hardy Slipper Orchids
and their
Habitats in China.
He has also promised to include a few images and tips on garden cultivation at the end as he has about 30 plants growing in his garden. Due to the advances being made in the understanding of these plants requirements and in the spectacular success in propagation techniques, these plants are now becoming available at almost affordable prices. Understanding their native habitat, is a crucial link to enabling their success in our gardens so this talk is certain to be of interest to any plantaholic for whom succesful cultivation of the Slipper Orchid represents one of the pinnacles of achievement.

60th Year Celebrations

The West London group is celebrating its 60th year and I extend an invitation for anymembers, friends or interested gardeners of any sort...not just Alpine, to our February 26th evening meeting, in the Perivale Community Centre, Horsenden Lane South, Perivale UB6 7NP, just off the A40 near the Hoover Building. 
8pm onwards for the talk, with refreshment, friendly chat and a raffle afterwards.

Thursday 28th November 2013
Parthenon Jolyon Lea, long time stalwart of many groups and excellent speaker is providing us his penultimate lecture before finally hanging up his lecturing shoes.





Minuartia stellata  

This months talk will be on "Flowers of Greece".




Saxifraga spruneri Over the years Jolyon and his wife have visited Greece on several occasions and have observed many different environments in which the native flora flourish.

Ancient ruins can provide an excellent rock garden environment for many choice species.

Additionally the very varied landscape from sea level, through undisturbed olive groves to mountain habitat provide an excellent canvass for all manner of Mediterranean and mountain flora.


Come and join us for what is sure to be an excellent evening.


7.30pm for 8pm start.


As always, refreshments, chat and a raffle afterwards.













Details from some previous meetings

Thursday 24th October 2013 Karen Howard Trip to Black Hills of Dakota
Content-  Plants of the wild west USA & mid-western Rocky Mountains including Bighorns, Yellowstone & Grand Tetons in Wyoming. The Black Hills of South Dakota & Unita Mountains & Salt Lake in North eastern Utah

Thursday 22nd April 2010 Joanne Everson on her field trip to Yunnan

Joanne Everson, Rock Garden Team Leader RBG Kew
Big Snow Mountain Yunnan

Our talk on the 22nd April is yet another of the  
"What we did on our holidays"
series from a professional botanist at Kew.  Joanne Everson, the Rock Garden Team leader at Kew and driving force behind many of the recent changes and improvements seen there will be delivering another new talk.
The talk is inspired by last summers private visit to the Yunnan organised by the members of the party, when they spent a month revisiting four of the sites that the ACE expedition went to; Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, around Zhongdian (Tianchi Lake etc), Big Snow Mountain and Bai Ma Shan.  You can compare this image of Big Snow Mountain with Our editor's image on p139 volume 64 June 1966 to see that both groups travelled on some of the exact same paths.

The report from the trip was entitled, "Poppies and Rhubarb" but the evening will contain very much more.

Thursday 22nd April 8pm. Perivale Community Centre. Excellent talk, refreshments, raffle and interesting chat with like minded people.

Primula dryadiflora, one of over 1000 on the species count for this trip of enthusiastic botanists. This evening is bound to be one crammed with glorious images and should certainly not be missed.

Thursday 26th November 2009
Beth Barber

A new lecture and a new lecturer to those of us not at Kew.

"An Alpine Adventure in Val d'Aosta"

This is another in the ever popular series from Kew Professionals 

 "What we did on our holidays"

Once again demonstrating the tremendous dedication that the botanists from Kew have towards their vocation.

This particular lecture covers three Alpine Botanic Gardens in Val d'Aosta while on a work placement in Saussurea Alpine Botanic Garden located at 2175m on the Italian side of the Mont Blanc massif.  This also takes in the natural vegetation of the Mont Blanc range and the Gran Paradiso national park and is sure to contain a wealth of vital knowledge on both the plants and their ecological communities.

 Visitors Very Welcome,

join us for an enjoyable and informative evening.

Thursday 22nd October 2009

Stephen Waters and Clive Daws
Presented a splendid  double act on "Beauties and Mysteries of the Burren". 
This was a specially requested lecture from members as it has been many years since we have had any talk from this very rich area.  Both Stephen and Clive have worked for many years as University lecturers working on biology field courses and more recently as wildflower holiday leaders.

Our next lecture will be Michael Day on the "Orchids of Cyprus"

Thursday 24th September 7.45 for 8pm

Perivale Community Centre, Perivale UB6 7NP, just off the A40 by the Hoover Building(now Tesco)

Continuing our Mountain Visits
 Our previous May talk was

"The Calcareous Flora of the Dolomites"

 Massimiliano(Max) Calligola delivered this excellent lecture previously only heard by volunteers at Kew. 

  Thursday May 28th, 7.45 for 8pm 

Max is a volunteer guide in Kew, whose area of specialization is Alpine plants; he comes from the Italian Dolomites (Venetian Alps)and has given lectures on Alpines for fellow guides in Kew as well as for Gardening clubs in Italy and the UK.

Last year he organized and conducted a very successful botanical trip to the Venetian Alps for other volunteer guides at Kew and is currently sharing his time between Britain(Kew) and Italy, where he is studying for a Masters on Conservation in Protected Areas.

Being also a photographer, he has a large library of images to accompany his talk.

We look forward to seeing you on Thursday evening.


Previous Meeting

"Pottering in the Pyrenees"

Mike Baker brought us a brand new Talk.

Thursday April 23rd 7.45 for 8pm

 Thank you Mike, this was an excellent talk.

John Humphries
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