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Practical Propagation Evening - 2009

A change of tactics and fun for all. Demonstration - 1
Martin setting the pattern of the evening Despite warnings that 'this might not work'  the group went ahead with running a practical session when everyone would have a chance to take cuttings and go home with several pots of new plants.

The evening started with Martin Mobbs introducing us all to his very successful methods for taking cuttings from shrubby plants,


Demonstration - 2
Jo at work Followed by Jo Walker showing us her tactics for taking cuttings from small alpines.

Everyone keen to get their hands dirty.
Hands on, with shrubby plants After the inevitable question session the fun started; plenty plant material, posts, composts and tools were available for all to set to work. 

Trying new techniques
Everyone went home with potential new plants of their chosen species, but best of all everyone enjoyed sharing their successes and failures as they worked and even the most experienced growers learnt something new.


Some tools of the trade
The new format certainly worked well and will definitely be repeated for another topic and another interactive, fun evening.

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