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Friends and Favourites

The Internet has created a wonderful opportunity for those interested in all  aspects of rock gardening to share, knowledge and experience; plants and seeds; and pictures of the plants they find of interest.

Through the Internet I have made lots of friends from many different parts of the world, most of whom I have never met personally, and many where distance makes it highly unlikely that I ever will. Rarely a week goes by without a little parcel or envelope coming through my letter box with all kinds of 'goodies', and rarely does a week go by without me mailing something to friends in return.

I would like to use this page to invite some of those friends to to introduce themselves and also to show some pictures of their favourite plants.


David Nicholson-Web Site Coordinator.





To start one friend who is not so very far away but apart from via the Internet we have never met-yet!. Cliff Booker is a good grower of some very difficult plants and is an 'ace' photographer to boot. How can one person have all those skills!? Just click on the links to enjoy.


Cliff Booker-Introduction (506Kb)

Ranunculus glacialis (537Kb)

Lesley Cox Here is a friend who could notbe further away. Say hello to Lesley Cox in Dunedin, New Zealand.

Lesley (29Kb)

Fermi de Sousa gardens in Redesdale in Central Victoria, Australia and in a climate that would lead many of us to despair grows a wide range of alpne plants and bulbs.

Fermi's garden (98Kb)