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Meeting November 21 2013

John Richards "Asiatic Primulas"
~~The Chairman of the North Lancashire Group welcomed John Richards, Vice-President of the A.G.S.and a Member of the Botanical Society of Gt. Britain to present his lecture entitled ‘Asiatic Primulas – Something old and Something new’

John is a grower, exhibitor, author and tour leader for the A.G.S. The lecture was illustrated by images of many rare Primulas mostly photographed on his visits to China, Bhutan, and the Himalayas. Of the 450 species of the genus about 84% inhabit the eastern Sino-Himalayas. The province of Yunnan in western China was the starting area with species such as Primula malveosa at low altitude. The mountain range of Wu Meng Shan provided examples of polymorphism in the genus. Sichuan province was also visited and superb photographs of Primula chiogenes in yellow plus the variable Primula calderiana in red, blue, purple, white and yellow forms. North West Bhutan provided the best examples of the Petiolarids such as Primula griffithii and Primula aglenian with its delicate cup-shaped flowers of variable colour.

The vote of thanks was proposed by Frank Hoyle.

At the meeting Syd Cumbus provided a photographic display of the flora of Eastern Turkey around Lake Van.

JF and Syd Cumbus
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