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Meeting March 12 2015 Flowers of Macedonia

The March meeting of the North Lancashire Group was given by member Tony Willis from Chorley who presented his lecture entitled ‘Flowers of Macedonia’ Tony has been a member of the Alpine Garden Society since 1978 and over the years has travelled widely in Europe, North and South America to see and record alpines in the wild. This tour embraced an area of old Macedonia forming parts of Greece, Albania, Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia.
The expedition concentrated on three mountain areas, Mount Falakro in eastern Greek Macedonia and the Mount  Vermion range of Northern Greece, both in springtime and Mount Olympus in the autumn. Mt. Olympus is the highest peak in Greece and is located on the border between Thessaly and Macedonia and renowned for its rich flora. It forms part of the first National Park of Greece, established in 1938.
Spring flora at Mt. Falakro included many Crocus species, Violas, and Fritillaries. The Mount Vermion ski resort area had Primulas, Orchids and Galanthus species. Mt. Olympus, visited in June enabled Tony to see the rare Fire Salamander, Tortoises, Shrieks and Jays in the oak forests in addition to the alpine flora.
The talk was illustrated with superb photography. After questions a vote of thanks was proposed by Frank Hoyle.
Next meeting, April 16th 2015, 7.30.p.m at Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster for a Mini show of alpine plants and members Photographic Competition.

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