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Meeting March 13 2014

Robert Rolfe: Perigrinations in Southern Peru
Robert Rolfe, the Associate Editor of the AGS Bulletin was the guest speak for the March meeting of the North Lancashire Group. Robert is an intrepid traveller, an author of two books and numerous articles on alpine flora. He has a particular interest in Andean plants and has made seven visits to Peru and Bolovia to discover the indigenous plants of the high alpine cordillera. The best time to visit was March and April.

Robert presented his lecture entitled ‘Perigrinations in Southern Peru’ which illustrated the varied flora of the Cordillera Blanca in south west Peru. He was based in Puno and used private transport to reach the high passes. The Oquepuno Pass at 4873metres was rewarding with good examples of the genus Gentianella with plants of many colours, Peru having more red Gentianellas than anywhere else in the world.  A plethora of photographs of plants belonging to the genus Nototriche was also shown along with Senecio species.

After questions, Frank Hoyle proposed a worthy vote of thanks for a superb lecture with excellent photography.

JF and Syd Cumbus
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