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Meeting December 18 2014 AGM

The December meeting of the North Lancashire Group was the Annual General Meeting when the following were elected for 2015.
Chairman   -  Frank Hoyle
Vice-Chairman   -   Syd Cumbus
Hon. Treasurer   -   David Morris
Hon. Secretary   -   Liz Walsh
Show Secretary   -  Alan Oatway
Membership Secretary   -  Barbara Hoyle
Committee Members   -   Lionel Clarkson, Hilary Fagen, Janet Fielden
After the AGM Keith Bianker presented a short lecture on the ‘Flowers of Lake Van.’ This described the car journey from Antalya to Van in eastern Turkey and the varied alpine flora encountered with emphasis on the many species of Iris in the region.
Frank Hoyle followed with a talk on the cultivation of alpines. The lecture was illustrated with photographs of alpines found on the 14,000ft summit of Pike’s Peak in America where plants are subject to wind and frost but survived in the rocky outcrops. Mount Evans, again at 14,000ft had plants in granite cavities or sumps, this time with mineral rich and damp earth. Plants thrive in such conditions because richer earth trickles down the mountain and seed takes root. Frank concluded his talk with images of plants from the Pyrenees and Picos de Europa in northern Spain.
The evening concluded with refreshments of savouries and mince pies.
Next meeting at Greaves Methodist Church, Lancaster, January 15th when David Morris will present his lecture of ‘Alpines in the French Pyrenees.’

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