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2016/2017 Programme for the North East England Group of the Alpine Garden Society

Meetings take place in St Mary's Hall, Thornhill Road, Ponteland NE20 9PZ.
Doors open around 7pm


12th September 2016 Norma Pagdin "Flora Helvetica"
10th October 2016 Peter Foley "Making a Garden"
14th November 2016 Keith Blundell Autumn in Peloponnese
12th December 2016 AGM and Social   
9th January 2017 Alpine Garden DVD's   
13th February 2017 Neil Huntley Roscoea and other Woodland Plants
13th March 2017 Julia Corden   "The Rockies - Colorado and Wyoming"
10th April 2017 Mala Janes "Alpine Plant Hunter"
8th May 2017 An Audiance with John Richards




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