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Epping Forest Group

Programme 2017

Tuesday 10 January

         Vietnam: An expedition to the Hoàng Liên Mountains - Alex Summers

Tuesday 14 February

          AGM, followed by members’ slides

Tuesday 14 March

           Juno iris adventures in the Caucasus and Central Asia – Kit Strange, RBG Kew 

Tuesday 11 April

          Alluring Alpines - Paul Cumberton

Tuesday 9 May

          The World in my Garden – Brian Partridge

June - August: Group visits to be arranged

Tuesday 12 September

          Blackthorn Part 1 – John Evans

Tuesday 10 October

          Chile and Patagonia – Bob Charman

Tuesday 14 November

          Alpines in Armenia – Arthur Nicholls

Tuesday 5 December

          Members' slides including Kit Strange's 10 favourite Juno irises

Tuesday 9 January 2018

          Washington Wild Flowers - Alan Oats



Hugh Meteyard