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East Kent Group News

Kent AGS Show 19 March 2011
Primula 'Pink Aire'  

The Kent Show was a resounding success with an excellent display of alpine plants, a packed artistic competition and a mouth-watering selection of nursery stands. The first sunny day for a while lit up the colours of the primulas, saxifrages and narcissi, among many others on the show bench. David Hoare ‘s hard work as Show Secretary was well-rewarded and he also did well in the showing classes, with seven first prizes and one second in the Open Section.
Here is his prize-winning Primula ‘Pink Aire’.



David's three pans of Saxifrage.

Dionysia aretioides 'Susan Hale'


Peter Jacob also had great success, winning the Longfield Trophy for the Best Plant in the Intermediate Section with Dionysia aretioides 'Susan Hale'.

Tecophilaea cyanocrocus ?Leichtlinii?  

He received with four firsts and two second prizes. Peter is well-known for his success with Tecophilaea; here is his Tecophilaea cyanocrocus ‘Leichtlinii’.

Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Alba'  

Rosemary Powis came equal second in the class for a botanically accurate painting with Romulea nivalis and won a first prize for her monochrome pohotograph of Pulsatilla vulgaris 'Alba'.

East Kent Garden Safari 2010
On Sunday 18th April ten of our members opened their gardens in an attempt to create more interest in alpines and to show the wide range of plants that we grow.  It was a great success and about 100 visitors were atttracted to the gardens.

Here are some photos taken at that time.

Trillium kurabayashii  

Gill and Peter Regan have an extensive range of woodland perennials, including primroses, anemones and especially fine clumps of trilliums.  Here is a magnificent clump of Trillium kurabayashii.

Jeffersonia dubia  


The delightful Jeffersonia dubia.

Uvularia grandiflora  


Uvularia grandiflora, merrybells, is an elegant plant for the woodland garden from eastern America.

Arum creticum  


Arum creticum perfers a sunny site and is the most colourful arum, with primrose yellow spathe and deep yellow spadix.

Kent Show
David Hoare's hard work as Show Secretary was well rewarded by a magnificent show and personal success on the show bench.  In Class 1 his 6 pans of dionysias received 1st prize and one, Dionysia 'Tenerife', not only received a Certificate of Merit but was among three considered for the Farrer Medal.  He also came 2nd in Class 3, 2nd in Class 19, 3rd in Class 20, 3rd in Class 50, 1st in Class 63, 2nd in Class 64, 1st in Class 80 and 2nd in Class 86.  Well done David!

Congratulations also to Peter Jacob. His Tecophilea cyanocrocus leichtlinii was awarded the Longfield Trophy for the best plant in the Intermediate Section.  He was placed 1st in Class 89, 1st in Class 90, 2nd in Class 111, 1st in Class 117 and 1st in Class 120.

In the Artistic Section Vernon Hucks' photographs were placed 3rd in Class 230, 2nd in Class 232 and 3rd in Class 235.

Autumn Show South
Congratulations to our members who were successful in the show on September 26.

Dionysia aretioides David Hoare proved that you do not need a rare plant to win in the Open Section but you do need to be a skilful grower.  He came 1st in Class 25 with his Gypsophila aretioides and also received a 2nd in Class 24 and a 1st in Class 47.

Sternbergia sicula  

Peter Jacob's Sternbergia sicula was placed first in Class 40 against some stiff opposition.

Vernon Hucks' photograph of Saxifraga oppositfolia in the French Alps came first in Class 204 and he was also awarded 3rd place in Classes 201, 203 and 206. 

Rosemary Powis came first in Class 221 with a painting of Crocus chrysanthus var fuscotinctus, 1st in Class 223 with a pen and ink drawing of Paris quadrifolia and second in Class 225 with a design for a greeting card of July flowers. 

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