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Jon Evans - Photography (14/12/2012)

Our talk tonight, on a horribly wet and windswept evening, was from Jon Evans on 'Digital Photography'. The wealth of technology that digital cameras face photographers with can tend to overwhelm and one just tends to click away and become snap happy, often with quite good results on occasions. But Jon took us in a more meticulous way back through the fundamentals of using a camera, emphasising that the 'photographer' is the most important component and that learning about the way light and aperture and shutter speed are used can lead to so many different interpretations of scenes. Slowing down, using a tripod and considering what it is about a photograph that appeals individually are all elements of this - and thinking much more carefully about composition, which after all is how photographs capture our attention, often in indefinable and stimulating ways. That combination of technical mastery and care in composition is what makes Jon's photographs so fine and I think many of us will have learnt to take more care and thought in our photography in the future. Thanks Jon on behalf of our Group.


Tim Ingram
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