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Cliff Booker - The Cream Of Alpines (12/10/2012)

We have had some superb talks to our Group over the years, and there can be a tendency after a while to take speakers for granted. All Groups have to work hard on making up programmes and discovering new people to speak - and most importantly telling new gardeners about their meetings. Our Group is no different and we always have the feeling that there must be many gardeners out there that we haven't managed to contact who could find what we do exciting.

This has been prompted by a fascinating presentation from Cliff Booker on "The Cream of Alpines." I expect many members, especially in the North, will have marvelled at Cliff's presentations, but this was a first time for us, and quite apart from the consummate skill in putting them together, they show how alpine plants can be presented in a much more stimulating way than the slide shows of old. In the digital and video age the opportunities to show gardeners the real magic of alpines, both in the wild and in gardens, must be greatly heightened. So far we have not really capitalised on this by showing films of plants, or shorter video clips, or by finding speakers who can present plants in this way. Cliff?s especial interest is in seeing plants in Nature and putting them into the context of their surroundings - and by showing a sequence of images merging from one to another this can come across really well, especially when pictured so beautifully. When pictures are combined with music, as they were at the start of Cliff?s presentation, they can be very evocative, and another member in our group has shown us in detail how this can be done - an immense amount of work is involved in harmonising picture and sound.


 This all shows once again the great dedication that lies behind preparing talks and presentations like this, and how lucky we are to capitalise on it. It should give us pause for thought as to how we can use the same purpose in finding ways to advertise ourselves to new gardeners

Tim Ingram
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