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Strawberry Cottage (B&D)

troughs at Strawberry Cottage When you pull in to the drive at Strawberry Cottage, Everingham you are left in no doubt about the main gardening interests of the occupiers. There is an array of troughs to the left (picture right) and an alpine garden by the pond (picture below).

Pond at Strawberry Cottage  We visited Bob and Di on our way north to the SRGC conference and found them in very good spirits. Bob is much improved and Di able to see well after her cataract operations. They have clearly been very busy, Bob converting the garage into workshops and Di making huge strides with the garden.

Raised bed They took many plants with them including the ones in the troughs showing one advantage of this form of cultivation. Time will tell whether or not all of the plants survive but so far things look good. They have taken advantage of a recently felled tree to create a raised bed enclosed by logs (pictures right and below). This is in a shady spot and so is appropriately planted.

Admiring the raised bed Bob and Di showing us the raised bed they have constructed - they have been busy!

More troughs at Strawberry Cottage There are more troughs round the back of the house where the garden is enclosed by hedges, the one at the bottom having been considerably reduced in extent as it was invading the garden. There is a small greenhouse (Alpine House?) and, as many of you will have heard, they each have a shed! The area is very flat, quite a contrast with what they were used to, but it makes walking the dog (sadly only the one now) much easier. It was a delight to see them and we and they hope that any of you travelling to the north will call in. There is the added attraction of Harlow Carr gardens not too far away.

Richard Horswood
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